Interview with Ellyn Ruddick-Sustein at Feature Shoot. 

In what ways are these personal images a larger reflection of a specific generation? In what ways are they universal and timeless?
“I don’t think photos have the ability to be universal or timeless. What the viewer is experiencing is removed from the moment. Photos need an audience and context to thrive. Photographs cannot capture the totality of an experience, only its wake. Each generation brings a new perspective. Every decade, that perspective shifts.”

Today, teenagers catalogue every moment in their lives. What do you think it is about this age that inspires us to record and document ourselves?
“As technology advances, so does the role of photography. Now that the baby boomers are passing en masse, they’ve saturated the zeitgeist with despair about their mortality; millennials are subverting that by embracing the full potential of documentation. Without nostalgia, by being more present, they’ll hopefully be the first generation to negate constantly looking to the past for meaning.”


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